“The songs are so good.”  
— NEXT Magazine

When the night brings Mr. Right my way

And it seems that he may want to play,

I need help to have a quick romance,

To elevate the party in my pants.

There are times when I want a friend around,

A true, blue pal to boost me when I’m down.

Then you shine like a diamond in my hand

Offering to take me to the Promised Land.

You lift me up.

You make me feel immortal.

You lift me up

And give my heart its drive.

You fill my cup.

Now I can last forever.

And the dizziness I’m seein’

And the pain I feel when I’m peein’

Are the side effects of bein’ so alive.

Like a sail that needs the wind to blow,

I need you to help my passion grow.

Though I know, your touch can leave me scarred,

I find it very hard to be very hard.

You lift me up.

I rise to the occasion.

You lift me up.

You leave me starry-eyed.

You light me up

Like a neon sign on Broadway!

Though I feel my spirit flaggin’

And my flesh just lays there saggin’,

Soon the boys will all be gaggin’ on my pride.

I can’t go wrong

Whenever you’re beside me.

You make me strong.

I’m swelling up inside.

It lasts so long.

Your touch has magnified me.

And the rush that’s just beginnin’

Has the room around me spinnin’.

It’s a state my heart has been in many times.

copyright: Miloscia Music

Music by Kenneth Kacmar

from “Boys WIll Be Boys”

You Lift Me Up


Performed by

Kenneth Kacmar

Accompaniment by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett



All Lyrics by Joe Miloscia