“The songs are so good.”  
— NEXT Magazine

Purest Beatrice, oh,

Angel of the morning, come

Touch me with the warmth of your smile.

Bless me with a passing glance.

Give my longing half a chance.

Come fill my days for a while.


Tell me, bel fiore, how

I may climb the wall to you.

Do not let it keep us apart.

Teach me how to know your ways.

Reach me with your silent gaze.

Only it can comfort my heart.

How I long to hold you —

I’d never let you go.

You are the vision in my dreams.

You are the answer that I seek.

I am born at the thought of you.

I am more all because of you.

I see my future in your eyes!

I hear a music in your cries!

You have shown me where my love lies.

Hear me Beatrice. I

Send this call to heaven so

It may chance to fall where you lay.

Will you let me close to you?

Won’t you get to know me too?

Tell me what to do now, I pray.

I was born to love you.

My life begins today!

I want to warm you in the cold.

And wake beside you when I’m old.

In your arms, I have everything.

In your arms, I am everything!

No other beauty moves me so.

I would be lost without you.  No.

You alone cause my heart to sing!

I’ll put tomorrow in your hand.

Only you understand

Where my love lies…

Where my love lies…

Where my love lies.

copyright: Miloscia Music

Music by Kenneth Kacmar

from “Rappaccini’s Daughter”

Where My Love Lies


Performed by

Matthew Chellis

Accompaniment by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett



All Lyrics by Joe Miloscia