“The songs are so good.”  
— NEXT Magazine

My new boyfriend's a copper.

But his tastes are not always proper.

When we climb into bed, he becomes a real pig.

Still, I've found an attraction

To the lure of his boarish action.

So just hand me a fork

‘Cause my hunger for pork is real big.

Some handcuffs of my own…

A vest with real chain link…

I bought some chaps this afternoon.

They're naugahyde, I think.

We've cock rings and a collar

And a few toys in between.

Amyl-nitrite fills our lair

Someplace obscene.

He trims his thick mustache.

I love to shave his head. 

He bulges in his uniform —

Both in and out of bed.

By night he is my king of beasts.

By day he's just a queen

With a fetish that we share

For Vaseline.

Between my nightly spankings

And the "yes sir's" with salutes,

I kiss the ground he walks on

And his huge…  tremendous…  twelve-inch…  boots.

I'm his submissive bitch.

He's Daddy, he knows best.

He grabs the gloves and Crisco…

You can fill in all the rest.

Our love reads like a story from

Tom of Finland magazine. 

I may be sore;

Still, I'll explore

Someplace obscene.

copyright: Miloscia Music

Music by Kenneth Kacmar

from “Boys WIll Be Boys”

Someplace Obscene


Performed by

Darren Dunstan

Accompaniment by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett



All Lyrics by Joe Miloscia