“I have passed on Broadway shows because I felt they lacked the qualities that Joe exemplifies: originality, wit, craftsmanship.  His work is both sophisticated and moving, a rare combination.”

Patrick Blake, theatrical producer

“Joe’s lyric and prose writing are truly outstanding, a gift that displays his capacity to be witty, tasteful, intelligent, deeply moving or just plain funny — whatever is required.”

Marge Champion

“Joe Miloscia and Kenneth Kacmar are truly gifted writers   Their song ‘Giant’ is one of the best I’ve heard by anyone all year, and ‘Happy & Gay’ should be heard by everyone around the country, whether gay or straight.”

Peter Filichia, TheatreMania

“BOYS WILL BE BOYS is one of New York’s gayest shows!  The songs are so good, and most notable for the clever lyrics of Joe Miloscia. Genuinely funny.  Sassy.  There’s a lot of talent up there!  After playing to packed houses over Pride weekend, it should return soon.”

NEXT Magazine

“BOYS was a blast!”

Here! Television

"I loved the Boys.  Hilarious.  Charming.  Naughty.  Bravo!"

Peter Breger, The Actors Playhouse, Naked Boys Singing

“Most sophisticated is IF THE SHOE FITS, a delightful musicalization of ‘The Red Shoes.’  Artful.  Delectable.  It is Joe Miloscia and Kenneth Kacmar’s truly accomplished songs, which aspire to and reach Sondheim country, that distinguish this effort.  They could be slipped into any current Broadway show and probably stop it.  The kids should enjoy, and the adults recognize, that this show is easily equal to any other theatrical endeavor in town.”

The Cleveland Free Times

“IF THE SHOE FITS is material of outstanding quality.”

Tim Jerome, National Music Theatre Network


Audra Ewing, The Araca Group

“IF THE SHOE FITS is a joy!”

Lynne Wheeler, Artistic Director, Starlight Theatre, San Diego CLO

“There are genuinely funny and, dare I say, touching moments in the score [BARENAKED LADS TAKE OFF BROADWAY].  That’s some of the best material, as in ‘Giant,’ a haunting ballad about first love .”

Time Out Chicago

“A major hit. Legitimate talents have contributed to the score.  Despite its risqué pedigree, BARENAKED LADS is as upbeat and good-natured as anything at Second City.”

Chicago Tribune

"LADS delivers with a sweetness and surprising subversive quality.  There are displays of

emotionally honest humor and skilled comedic musicality.  Handsome Brook Robertson has a ball with ‘Balls!”

Chicago Free Press

"Joe Miloscia and NEW STAGES present the classiest showcases for new musicals in New York.  Writers will rejoice, but theatergoers can too, for here’s a troupe that knows what audiences enjoy."

Peter Filichia, TheaterWeek

“Keep your shows coming!”

Joe Mode, Out in Television & Film