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I Will Make It Through

 sung by Marty Thomas

[power-ballad with gospel chorus]

All the Cute Ones

           sung by Alysha Umphress

   [irreverent, comic torch song]

No Moment without You

sung by Lillias White

[Soulful, pop Power-Ballad]

Melt Away with You

  sung by Shayna Steele

  [soft, romantic ballad]

Where My Love Lies

             sung by Matthew Chellis

        [driving, semi-operatic piece]

Now, When I Look at You

  sung by Matthew Chellis

  [tender ballad]

The Last Goodbye

             sung by Kevin Osborne

                 [soaring pop ballad]

If I Could Dance With You

  sung by Erica Schroeder & Ken Kacmar

  [charming, romantic duet]


  sung by Erica Schroeder & Ken kacmar

  [contemporary, dramatic ballad]


  sung by Cheyenne Jackson

  [intimate, moving ballad]

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