Cold, angry stare…


And revealing.

Hurt that won’t go away.

Does no one care?

My world is reeling.

Can’t I just live life happy…

And gay?

Love mustn’t show.

No holding hands here.

Fear is around to stay.

I get so low.

Oh, understand we’re

Trying hard to be happy

And gay.

Even the home I’d known

Turned me out on my own.

“You’re a disgrace,” they used to say.

But they will never see

How much it’s hurting me.

I learned to hide each time I cried.

Don’t I belong?

Can’t you respect me?

What is there left to say?

My heart is strong,

It will protect me.

And I will live life happy and gay.

Why can’t I just be happy…

And gay?

copyright: Miloscia Music

Music by Kenneth Kacmar

from “Boys WIll Be Boys”

Happy and Gay


Performed by

Josh Franklin,

Brandon Tindle,

Nick Dothée,

Tyler Marcum

Accompaniment by

Wendy Bobbitt Cavett

All Lyrics by Joe Miloscia