Get sheet music for the following songs:

- All Lit Up (holiday song)

- All the Good Ones (from Boys Will Be Boys)

- Giant (from Boys Will Be Boys)

- I Want to Thank You (from Boys Will Be Boys)

- I Will Make It Through (from Boys Will Be Boys)

- Melt Away with You

- Moving/Show Me Tenderness (from Lover)

- My Dream Is On Its Way (from If the Shoe Fits)

- My Very Special Package (holiday song)

- Now, When I Look at You (from Rappaccini’s Daughter)

- Rotten Love (from Eighteen Wheels of Pain)

- Someplace Obscene (from Boys Will Be Boys + female version)

- Take My Hand

  1. -The Man I Loved (from Boys Will Be Boys)

  2. -The Monsoopeechu Voodoo (from If the Shoe Fits)

- Trust Me Your Heart (from Songs of a Silent Heart)


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